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Terrormolinos ============= Commands ======== N NORTH S SOUTH E EAST W WEST NE NW SE SW U UP CLIMB ASCEND D DOWN DESCEND KID1 KID2 CAMERA CUBE FLASH (CUBES) HANKY HANDCHERCHIEF LOTION TICKET PASSPORT GUN HARPOON SNORKEL BROCHURE TRUNKS CLOTHES GIPPY (TUMMY PILLS) PILL BULL PADDLE BOAT FIND NOTICE ? CABINET BUCKET SPADE LOCK SUITCASE PHRASE BOOK ? TAXI BOARD ? HIRE OPEN PULL DRAWER LINE WASHING LINE ? LOOK EXAMINE SEARCH READ BED DRESS TABLE COAL SCUTTLE SETTEE CALL DOREEN KEN BERYL WIFE LETTER CLOCK MENU GIVE PLAN PHOTO INSERT LOAD FILM SPAN HOTEL BEACH RUB MAPP SWIM DIVE SEA SHAR FIRE SHOOT NUDE KNOT UNKN ORDER EAT MEAL GO VINE WINE MONASTERY NO YES SI PORT WAVE FIT ADD HELP SPIDER KILL JUMP ATTACK GET BUY TAKE DROP DISC REMOVE WEAR I INVENTORY REDE Q QUIT STOP SAVE PHONE KWIKHOL SHEL ? STEP HATCH GAME SHAVING FOAM FOAM OFF ON LIGHT SMASH SCORE COACH COMP HOLA HABI TARDIS ENTER LEAVE EXIT SNARGSBY ? INTRODUCE ? TEST STAR UNLOCK Hints ===== Before leaving, you need: camera, trunks, passport, bucket and spade. In the bedroom, examine the bed for the brochure and tickets, examine the drawer and open it for the red hanky. Finally, call Doreen in the hallway. Wait until the taxi hoots and go out quickly and hire it. To get rid of the bull, lead him into the china shop. After taking a successful picture at the monastery, you need you search the catacombs until you find Mr Snargsby. The correct way is: D, NE, W, CALL SNARGSBY, E, SW, U. To take a successful photo at the Vineyard, fit the flash cubes, and go to the spider. You must take a photo while Beryl is on the barrel screaming, and then take a photo of her! To kill the shark, fire the Harpoon. Do NOT enter the Tardis. You can only get film for the camera in Terrormolinos.