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Thunderstruck II _ The Mind Master For openers, take note of these three general tips: (1) Hidden in the maze are two food pellets; each will restore your energy to maximum. You certainly need them as contact with anything that moves will rapidly drain your energy. (2) If you stand in the centre of lift tubes (usually marked with an up arrow) you will be drawn up into them, although you may have to jump to get into some of them. (3) You can carry only one object at a time but try always to carry something. Its easy to bypass objects and spend all your time going from one end of the map to the other. Now some specifics. Take the first Key from cave 3-9 and use it to open the doors at the top of the first lift shaft. If you don't do this you can't get anywhere. Give the Program Disc to the Blankoid; in return he will give you the key to open the door in 9-6. On being given the Comedy Video, the Miseroid will give you a Ten Credit Coin that can be presented to the Bank Terminal to get a Credit Card. Melt this in the Laser Point and you have the Plastic Key that opens the door in 10-6. The Tailoroid will exchange the Pattern for the Extinguisher: Use it to put out the flames in the far left-hand caves. You can actually walk through the flames, but you lose so much energy that you have little chance of completing the game. Use the Spade to dig in the soil; at the bottom of this set of caves you will find at Peace Sign. Take it to the Alien who will give you the Strange Acid. This will destroy the four robots in 5-2. Take the Keycard and open the door in 2-0 Give the Blunt Block to the Sanderoid in exchange for a Pin: Use it to burst a Balloon in the far right-hand caves. Use the Drill to get by the rock blocking your way into these caves. Use the four securi-passes to destroy the four solid pipes. You only actually need the fourth pass but having all four will increase your score. Be careful with the pipes as they have a nasty habit of reappearing. Use the passes in numerical order and you'll be okay. Give the ID Card to the Securoid, who will give you the Passcard, your entry ticket - through the door in 15-2 - to the final part of the game. Go to the room with the trap door and break it with the Weight. Take the Key lying beside the Blankoid and open the sixth and last door. Use the Ramp Control to raise the platform, then take the Hammer. Use it to smash the glass door in 8-4. Get the four parts of the Deacti-Unit and assemble them in the Mind Master's room. Destroy him to complete the game.