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Twin Kingdom Valley =================== General Hints ============= Hit the dragon with the wooden staff. Take the giant for a swim. The guard's uniform must be worn to enter the Desert King's Castle via the drawbridge. Solution ======== Take the jug, brass key, and the lamp from the cabin and head for the quarry. There, take the flint. Next, locate the locked brass grating in the clearing, and unlock it. Next fill the jug with water from the stream and take a drink. Now you must arm yourself against enemies - gorillas, trolls, guards, and sand lurkers. Head for the canyon, where you will usually find an elf with an axe. This is the most powerful weapon, and - since the elf is friendly - he will give it to you if you ask. After that, go West to Watersmeet and both drink and swim there. Drinking opens your eyes to all sorts of possibilities - well, secret doors anyway - and swimming has a powerful restorative acion. Now, go underground and equip yourself a little more completely. Enter the cave at Watersmeet, switch on the lamp and move W, N, E. Return by going SW, taking the holdall and moving E, S. Put the jug and brass key into the holdall, then take the diamond and collect the gold key from the kitchen. Go to the passage beside the gold door, open it, and go S to the cave at the top of the shaft and open the door here - this time a metal one. Now it is time to enter the Hall of the Forest King. There you give the guard the diamond as a token of your esteem - fret not, you haven't lost it forever - in return, you are given an amulet which serves as a means of identification, showing that you are now the King's ally. Return to the cave system now and collect the short wooden rod and the crystal ball. Into the twisty maze you go, moving N, E, W to meet the witch. In exchange for the crystal ball, she will give you the bronze key. Now you must go W, W, W, S and finally up through the Hall of the Forest King, through the metal door to the bronze door. Open it, enter and close the door again. This traps the dwarf inside enabling you to kill him so that you can take the ring and the bag of gold from his corpse. Wear the amulet and put the rod, bronze key and any spare weapons into the holdall. Return to the cabin and there deposit the gold key, ring, and the bag of gold. Now return to the gold door, either via the grating in the forest or Watersmeet, pass through and go E to the bronze door. As long as you have the amulet, the Forest King's daughter will recognize you when you unlock and open it. Leaving her prison cell thankfully, she tells you to go and see her father, the King, to gain a reward. Before you do this, however, drop the amulet and enter the Desert King's castle and fill up the lamp with oil from the workshop. Then go back along the passage to the armoury, killing the large guard on the way. Now visit the Forest King and collect your reward - the silver key. Use it to unlock the secret door in the bones room and retrieve the diamond which you should take and leave in the cabin along with the brass key. Retrace your steps to the armoury in the Desert King's castle, making sure that you shut the door behind you. It is time to select weapons and you'll find the axe - which you should already have - is best, followed by the broadsword and mace. It is not a bad idea to take something along with you ready for the giant but, whatever you do, keep this friendly monster from gaining access to the armoury or he'll clutter himself up with every weapon in sight and nullify his use as a porter. You should now attack the inmates of the prison, killing them and the King, and remove their weapons to a place of safety. The best thing is to lock them up in the armoury. Now you can liberate the giant safely. Return along the cellar passages and down to the damp hall near where you released the Princess. Open the remaining locked bronze door and enter the dungeon. On finding the ill giant, take him through the house to Watersmeet - he'll swim here and become the healthy giant. He is of supreme utility in carrying heavy objects, so give him a minor weapon and take him to the Desert King's castle ready for some pillaging. Refill your lamp in the workshop of the Desert King's Castle, collect the 2 bags of silver originally carried by the king's guards and the crown worn by his late majesty. Give them to the giant and climb the castle stairs. Open the door at the corridor leading to the west turret and take the wooden staff found within - this is the ultimate weapon and you can't complete the game without it. Now proceed to the throne room and give the gold ball to the giant - don't forget to wait for him to catch up as you move around. Up the north tower you go and belt the dragon with the wooden staff. Take the master key and go to the E turret, hit the witch with the wooden staff and then give the staff of gold to the giant. Finally, open the door to the south tower and up you go to the chest. Here you need to work things out carefully - either give the giant everything possible, including the lamp, so that you can - just - carry the chest, or you carry as much as possible while the giant carries it. You may well have to take 2 trips to the cabin. If you do, don't forget to have a drink of water on the way, and also to refill the lamp. Deposit everything back in the cabin, and leave yourself armed with the jug of water, axe, and lamp, and let the giant carry the chest. Now go to the gold cave which is found in the sloping maze beside watersmeet. Enter the maze and go W, N, E, E and so set eyes on the gold river. Finally comes a tidying up operation. Go to the chasm and wave the short wooden rod to form a crystal bridge. Cross it, track down the sand lurker, and kill it for the last bag of silver. Have a drink if you start to feel dry, and then collect the last bag of gold from the mountain path which is located E, N, N, N from the waterfall. Fill the jug with gold from the gold river - where the secret of life is - and take it to the cabin. Last of all, have a drink, go back for the secret of life, take it to Watersmeet and look at it. End