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MANUAL FOR UNIVERS (BBC BASIC & 6502 ASSEMBLER) This file describes the program UNIVERS which packages a data file so that in future when it is CHAINed,*RUN,*EXECed etc... the end user will be reminded that this is only data file,not a program. The manual and software is (C)1998 SPROW INSTRUCTIONS- At the BASIC prompt,type CHAIN"UNIVERS" On running,enter a filename to be packaged,then a chosen value of PAGE.A value for PAGE is needed incase the end user tries to *LOAD the data file,which might crash the machine if loaded too low! Then,you should enter upto 3 lines of instructions.These will be shown when any action is taken on the file,eg.*EXECing it.A universal file will then be saved to the current filing system as 'OUTPUT'. WORKINGS- This utility works by taking a data file and adding an extra start and end to it.The data itself (eg.database entries,a picture,a printer driver etc...) remain unaffected inside the 'envelope'. A short,valid,BASIC program is put at the start.This guards against unsuspecting people LOADing CHAINing RUNing and LISTing what isn't really a BASIC program afterall.LISTing shows the 3 line message. A short (<128 bytes) 6502 machine code programme is put at the end.This guards against unsuspecting people *LOADing and CALLing it,or *RUNing it.The 3 line message will be shown. Control characters at the start ensure that *LISTing *PRINTing or *TYPEing the file will display the 3 line message,then stop so that the screen isn't covered in beeps and garbled characters. Use of "*|" and an FX call (*FX119) mean that *EXECing the data file has the same effect as *TYPEing it basically. KNOWN PROBLEMS/FUTURE ENHANCEMENTS- No known problems HISTORY- V1.00 Original written in BBC BASIC alone,sent to 8 Bit Software user group