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8-Bit Software The BBC and Master Computer User Group and Public Domain Library Items For Sale ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Last Update: 14/10/98 12:05 This list of BBC and Master items for sale is usually right up to date. However, it is always advisable to contact me with your purchase enquiry first before ordering anything. REMEMBER...... All prices include UK postage and packing! Any extra charge for delivery outside the UK is added on to the price. I will calculate this extra charge when you enquire. All proceeds go to the 8BS funds. Non profit making BBC user group with a regular disc based magazine and HUGE Public Domain Library. All [New]s here are from 17/08/98 onwards. (NEW refers to new in this list NOT a new item! Most items are second hand) ------------------------------------------------------------------------ The Stuff Write Protect Tabs. 5p per sheet of 20. If you are ordering write protect tabs only, please include 20p extra for postage. Printed labels: Printed labels. Printed by inkjet. 35p per sheet of 21. If you are ordering labels only, please include 20p for postage. Labels Available: Magnetic Media 8BS Address Your Own Address Disc Mailers. Re-Useable 5.25" Cardboard Disc Mailers. 40p each + postage which works out as: 1 - 60p. 2 - £1.10 3 - £1.50 4 - £2.00 5 - £2.50 See the pattern? [New]Re-Useable 5.25" plastic disc mailers. Will hold up to 5 discs. Very sturdy £1.50 each including postage. T Shirts. 8BS T Shirts. Available at £15. White with black LCD style 8-Bit Software legend and green acorn. Available sizes vary. Contact me before ordering. Badges 2.25" Diameter plastic. Two different styles. Both say: 8-Bit Software. One says it in the style of the 8BS header from 'What's on This Issue'. The other says it in LCD black lettering over a green acorn. £1 each. Eprom Programming Service. Send me your software on disc with £4. I will program a 16K Eprom for you and return it with your disc. Anyone wanting a short program blowing onto an 8K Eprom should send return p+p and the software on disc. The charge is only £1. I can place a Basic program into Eprom that you may call with a * command. If there is room, you can have more than one program stored in the rom. Remember to tell me: 1. The title of your rom 2. The copyright message 3. The * command/s to invoke the program/s 4. Any text printed with *HELP (must be less than 30 characters) Roms: THERE ARE NO MANUALS WITH THE FOLLOWING ROMS: 160A 01 513B (That's all I can gather from it) £3 Acorn ANFS £5 (two) ADDER £5 AID £5 Amcom Fileserver £5 Amcom NFS £5 (three) AMX Superart £5 BASIC I £5 Basic I £5. BASIC II £5 BASIC III £5 BBC Operating system £5. BGS 1.0 Bitstik Service Rom £5 Comal £5 Command £5 Commstar £5 Compass £5 Cube Beebflex £5 (two) Datascribe 1.31 (two) £5 Decce4 £5 I have no idea what this is. Have you? DFS 2.10 (B+) £5 DFS NET £5 DNFS 3.34 £5 DNFS 3.60 £5 Edword £5 (two) Edword 2 £5 Gnomic £5 Graphics Extension Rom 2.09 £5 Logotron LOGO £5 (two) Master MOS £5 PenDown £5 (two) Printer Server £5 [New]Screenprint 0.24 £5 Scribechec 1.10 (I assume this goes with Datascribe above) £5 Sleuth £5 SYS1 2.5k 19976 £3 SYS1 CEDF 17130 £3 SYS2 2.5k 17131 £3 SYS2 2.5k 19977 £3 Teletel Communications Rom £5 TFS £5 Toolkit 1.22 £5 Ultracalc £5 View £8 Viewsheet £5 (two) Viewstore £5 Watford EPSON NLQ. £5 PLUS Many other Roms salvaged from BBC motherboards. Ring if you are after anything! ADFS Utility ROM. Made up by myself from the Master Welcome disc. Contains: *AFORM, *ABACK, *AVERIFY and *DIRC (Dircopy). £4. NO MANUALS WITH THE ABOVE ROMS. The following Roms come with manuals: AMCOM DFS Rom, Manual and disc utilities. I think this is BBC only £8 AMX Superart £7 Brom Plus Clares £5 Databeeb. Comms Rom. BBC Only. Especially Designed For the WS2000 £8 Dumpout 3 Watford Electronics £7 Graphics Computer Concepts £5 Help II £5 Interchart. Net still in shrink wrap £10 Intersheet. New still in shrink wrap £10 Pace Commstar £5 Romspell. BBC ONLY. £7 Sciways 350 Scientific Characters for Epson compatible printer. Rom, manual and discs £5 View Cartridge for the Electron. £7 View Printer Driver £7 (Three) Viewsheet Cartridge for the Electron. £7 Viewstore. Disc Rom and Manual £7 Wordwise £5 (two) Wysiwyg Plus Screen and Printer Utility £6 BOOKS: PROGRAMMING BASIC 30 Hour Basic. Clive Prigmore £4.50 (three) A Concise Introduction to the Language of BBC Basic. Murphy. £2 A Pocket Guide to Basic. Roger Hunt £1.50 Advanced Programming Techniques For The BBC Micro. McGregor Watt. £5 Basic programming by J.Kemeny. £4.00 BBC Basic for Beginners. D.Smith. £3.50 (two) BBC Basic. R.B.Coats. £3.50 BBC Micro Micro Guide £1 Beyond Basic Richard Freeman £5 Easy Programming For The BBC Micro. E.Deeson. £2.50 (three) Exploiting BBC Basic. Stephenson. (two) £3 Further Programming for the BBC Micro. Thomas. £3 Illustrating Basic. Alcock. £3 Introducing the BBC. Ian Sinclair £3 (two) Let your BBC teach you to program £3 (three) Practical Programs for the BBC and Atom £2. (three) Practical Programs For The BBC Micro. Bishop. £5 Practical Programs For The Electron. Bishop £5 Programming Exercises in Basic. D.Walton £2.50 Programming In Education. For Primary Education. Scriven And Hall. £3.50 Programming the BBC Micro. P.Williams. (three) £3.50 Projects For Programs. Ladybird. £2 Simple Basic. Usborne. £3 Software Projects BBC. Rudolf Smit. £3 Start Programming with the Electron. Masoud Yazdani £2 Structured Programming With BBC Basic. Atherton. £4 The Rainbow Book Of Basic Programs. WH Smith. £3.50 PROGRAMMING ASSEMBLER Advanced Programming For The BBC Micro. James, Gee. £5 Advanced Programming Techniques For the BBC Micro McGregor and Watt £4 Assembler on the BBC Micro. A beginners guide (booklet) £1 (Two) Discovering BBC Micro Machine Code. A.P.Stephenson £3 Shivas Assembly Language £3. PROGRAMMING TYPE IN 21 Games for the BBC micro. James, Gee, Ewbank. £5 (two) 35 Educational Programs. Murray. £5 57 Practical Programs and Games. Tracton £3 60 Programs For The BBC. Erskine. Walwyn. Stanley And Bews. £4 (Two) BBC Programming Magic. £4 [New]Biology Programs For the BBC £5 Computer Space Games £1.50 Games BBC's play. Gee, James £3 [New]Practical Programs for the BBC Micro Bishop £5 Simple words and Word Games for the BBC. £2 St Michael Computer Games (14). £4 Type in computer battle games. £1.50 Type in games for your BBC Micro (Virgin) £1.50 (two) PROGRAMMING GRAPHICS BBC Micro Graphics And Sound. S.Money. £3 [New]Creative Graphics Book £3 Creative Graphics Book and tape. Cownie £4.50 Electron Graphics And Sound Money. £5 Graphics on the BBC Microcomputer. Cryer. £5 Graphs and Charts on the BBC. Book and Tape £4.50 Graphs and Charts. Harding. £3 The BBC Micro Book. Basic Sound and Graphics. McGregor & Watt £5 (two) THE BBC [New]A Child's Guide to the BBC Micro. Dewhirst £3 Learning to Use the BBC. P.N.Dane £2 Me and My Micro by P.Shreeve (for newcomers) £1.80 Me and My Micro. P.Shreeve. Book, Tape and Disc £4.50 Take off With the Electron and BBC. Bishop. £5 (two) The BBC Micro And The Small Business. Williams. £4 The BBC Micro in education. E.Glesson. £2.70 The BBC Micro Revealed. Jeremy Ruston £2.50 (three) The BBC Micro. An Expert Guide. James. (four)£4 The BBC Microcomputer For Beginners. Dunn and Morgan. £5 MANUALS A Guide to the Continuous Processing Rom Beverley £2 Accelerator £5 Acorn A5000 Welcome Guide £5 Acorn BASIC II User Guide £1 Acorn Speech System User Guide Acornsoft Electron. Desk Diary Manual. .50p Advanced Disc Toolkit Computer Products £1.50 Advanced Reference Manual For the BBC Master £15 Advanced Teletext System User Guide £4 Advanced Toolkit £2 Amazing Ollie 50p Amcom Enet User Guide £5 [New]AMX Superart User Guide £4 Aviator £3 BBC B User Guide £10 (Two) BBC B+ User Guide £10 (four) BBC Welcome Tape Guide. £1.00 (two) Beebug Basic Booster .50p Clares Fontwise+ Manual. £3 Computer Concepts Graphic Rom User Manual. £3 Econet Fileserver Level 1 User Guide £2 (three) Edfax Teletext Emulator £3 Edword User Reference Guide £3 Elite Space Trader's Flight Training Manual. £2.50 (Three) E-Net Manager Handbook £7 Epson Stylus 400 User Guide £4 [New]Exile Manual and Novella £3 Gemini Database Manual £2 Getting Into Ovation. £5 Info for Acornsoft: Money Management, Chess, Draughts and Reversi. 50p each. Into View £4 (three) Introduction to Wordwise Plus £3 (three) LCCD Low Complexity Colour Display. Operating instructions. Microvitec £4 Let's Count Info .50p Magscan Beebug £1 Mannesmann Tally MT 85/86 Printers Application Manual £4 Master 512 User Guide (Acorn) £7 Master 512 User Guide (Dabs Press)£5 Master Operating System Dabhand Guide. Dabs Press £10 Master Reference Manuals. Part 1 and Part 2. £10 each NEW. Master Welcome Guide. NEW. £10. Masterfile II Beebug £1.50 Maths With a Story £1 Memotech Operators Guide £10 Micro Viewdata £3 Mini Office II Bruce Smith £8 Mini Office II Manual £4 Mirrorsoft Here And There With The MR Men Info .50p Pied Piper. LTS. Info .50p P-System Fortran 77 Reference Manual. £7.00 Repton Infinity £3 Slick 50p Solidisk 2 and 4 meg RAM/ROM Expansions £1.50 Solidisk DDFS User Manual Part 2 (four) £1.50 Solidisk Disk Filing System (two) £1.50 Solidisk Sideways Ram (Three) £1.50 The Interbase Programming Guide M.Pickering (six) £10 Time Man 1 Info £1 Time Man 2 Info £1 View Guide £4 (three) View Reference Card 50p (four) View. Bruce Smith. £8 Viewsheet Reference Card 50p (six) Viewsheet User Guide £5 Viewstore manual £4 Vu-Calc User Manual £1.50 Vu-File User Manual £1.50 Watford 32K Ram Card £1.50 Watford Rom/Ram Board £1.50 Word Aid £4 (Two) Words And Pictures. Chalksoft. Info .50p Wordskill. Chalksoft. Info .50p Wordwise Plus Handbook £8 (Three) Wordwise Plus Reference Manual £3 (five) Z80 BBC Basic Manual and Disc containing Z80 BBC Basic £12 DISC BBC Micro Disc Drives. Bagnall. £5 BBC Micro Disk Companion. Tony Latham. £4 Cumana Disc Drive Guide For the BBC. £3 (seven) Cumana Disc Drive Guide For The Electron. £2 DFS Disc Zap £3 Disc System User Guide. Acorn. £5 File Handling For All. Includes Archimedes Programs Disc. £8 File Handling on the BBC Micro Townsend £4 (two) Mysteries of Disc Drives and DFS Revealed. For the BBC Micro. David Smith. £5 PaceDisc Filing System Manual £3 Solidisk Advanced Filing System £4 STL DFS £2 The Advanced Disc User Guide. Pharo £10 The Viglen Disc Manual £2 UFD Disc Drive Guide. £2 Using Floppy Discs With The BBC. Keith Davis. (two) £5 OTHER 6502 Applications. Zaks £5 Basic Digital Electronics £3 Basic ROM User Guide. Mark Plumbley £5 (two) Beebug Magazines 75p each: Volume 1 Issue 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Volume 2 Issue 1 1 2 2 2 2 2 3 3 4 4 4 5 5 6 6 7 7 7 8 8 9 9 10 10 10 10 Volume 3 Issue 1 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Volume 4 Issue 1 Volume 8 Issue 8 9 Volume 11 Issue 1 2 Full Set of Beebug Magazines Full set of Beebug magazines FROM Volume 6 Issue 1 TO Volume 12 Issue 10. But NOT Volume 11 Issue 8 Beebug Giant Reference Card. Lots of handy info on a folded reference card, £1 (two) Brainteasers For Basic Computers. G.Lee. £3.50 Commodore 64 User Manual £2 Computer Fun. Lisley, Howarth. For Kids. £1.50 Computer Science. French. £4 Computing is Easy. Newnes. £4 Computing Practice and Revision Manual. Nash. £4. File Handling on the BBC Micro. Townsend. £5 Filing Systems and Databases For The BBC Micro Stephenson. £5 Guide to the BBC ROMs. Don Thomasson. Melbourne House £5 (two) HP-25 Application programs £5 Intro to computer programming. Usborne. £2 [New]Microcomputers and teaching Biology £3 Microprocessors and Microcomputers, their use and programming. Hugguns. £5 OPAMPS G.B.Clayton £3 Practical things to do with a microcomputer. Usborne. £2 The BBC Micro ROM Book. Bruce Smith. £7 (two) The Beginners Computer Handbook. £4 The Complete Mouse User Guide For The BBC Micro £5 (two) [New]The Computer Book. An introduction to Computers and Computing. BBC Publications. A very interesting book including some history £6 The Disk User Magazines. April 1988. May 1988. July 1988. £1.50 each. Things To Do With Your Computer. Electronic Projects and games. £5 Understanding The Micro. How It Works And What It Can Do. Usborne. £1.50 Hardware and Spares: [New]Master 128 £50 BBC B with Econet.£30 No Disc Controller BBC B with DFS. A switch has been added to the side of the case to control the sound volume. £30 BBC B DFS £30 (five) BBC B No DFS £25 Monochrome Sanyo Monitor requires BNC lead not supplied. £25 Monochrom Monitor requires BNC lead not supplied £25 Look! Midwich 20mb hard disc drive. [Midwich Hard Drive]Midwich Filing System (MWFS) similar to and compatible with DFS. BBC B ONLY. Comes with ROM, MWFS Manual and utilities disc. Connect your own floppy drive and then access them as if you had drives numbered from 0 to 107. Also in the Hard Drive case is a 5mb Syquest drive. A Syquest drive is best described as a hard drive with replaceable disc. The discs (not supplied) pop in and out of the drive as easily as a floppy disc. £80. [New]Master Econet Board £30 WHERE A DISC DRIVE HAS NO PSU.... This means that it has a lead to take its power from the BBCs power supply underneath the machine. The lead can also be plugged into other suitable power supplies. Some older BBC power supplies do not have a socket for a disc drive lead so check first. A BBC power supply is only capable of supporting a single disc drive. A Master power supply is capable of supporting a twin disc drive. Remember that at a push, you could rehouse a BBC power supply to use as a power supply for a disc drive. Two separate 80 track double sided drives, joined to form a twin drive. NO PSU therefore only suitable for a Master 128. Includes power lead. Drive one is a bit noisy but works fine. £50 Twin Side by Side 5.25" 80 track double sided disc drive with PSU. (Torch) £50 Twin Side by Side 5.25" 80 track double sided disc drive with PSU. (Cumana) £50 Single. Single sided 5.25" 40/80 track. No PSU (Viglen) £20 40 Track Double Sided With PSU £20 (four) Disc Drive 40 Track Single Sided without PSU £15 (two) Plinth. Metal. Suitable only for the BBC as it is just the width of a BBC. Put your BBC under it and stand your Monitor on top of it. Cream colour same as BBC. £10 (four) Printer Citizen 120D+ 9 pin. Includes tractor feed £40. Includes Manual! Printer Citizen 120D+ 9 pin. Includes tractor feed £40. No Manual Tractor Feed for a citizen 120D or 120D+ £5 3 way printer sharer. Computers can use 1 printer. Includes PSU and 3 ribbon cables. £13 Centronics Printer Lead £7 Centronics Printer Lead. 3 Metres £10 A brand new Panasonic KX-PS13 RS232C adapter with all the fitting tools etc. I assume that this converts a printer from parallel. £10 including postage. Universal Teletext Adaptor. Requires a lead and is untested. Leaflet describing its operation. NO SOFTWARE (TTX required) Do not order this unless you are sure you know how to set it up! £10 Home Made Speaker Switch. Connects to the Speaker plug. Switch allows use of internal speaker or connection to amplifier via an audio plug. £2.50 RH Electronics Lightpen. Includes disc and 2 cassettes with utilities. £7 Zif Socket. £4 Master 128 PSU £15 BBC B PSU £10 (Five) BBC B+ PSU £10 (two) BBC B PSU (Original with no disc drive connection) Comes in a decent box to allow use externally. £10 (Two) Acorn User 16k SWR. Fits in BBC B ROM socket. One wire to solder to a chip leg. Supplied with a disc of utilities and fitting info. £7 (several available) Torch Z80 Second Processor for the BBC B. Consists of board, lead to connect it to the Tube, ROM to plug into the BBC. System Disc and Torch BBC Basic (Z80). Now tested and working. £20. (two). Quinkey Interface pack. Includes the above hardware. Manual and utilities on disc. Requires the Quinkey Keyboard. £10 (two) Joystick sharer. Allows you to plug two single joysticks into the analogue port. £3. Electron Joystick interface £5 Pro Link Joystick interface. Lead to connect joystick to user port and cassette software that allows programming of the joystick £5 BBC Keyboards. £10 (Many) Plastic Function Key Strip Covers for the BBC £1.50 each. Loads Plastic Function Key Strip Cover for the BBC B+ £1.50 One only Lots of BBC keyboard pieces. There are several different types of key switch and key tops available. If you want a replacement key switch or key top, contact me. 25p each item (add postage for less than 4 items) or £2 for 10 parts. Master 128 Keyboard £15 (two) Master 128 Keyboard Parts. Nearly a whole keyboard. The motherboard was beyond repair and so I have sadly had to dismantle it. Keyswitches and tops available separately at 25p a part (add postage for less than 4 parts). ALL KEYTOPS AVAILABLE EXCEPT: Caps Lock, Keypad 7, F and C. Other parts available: Space bar assembly £1. LEDs free with any order. The metal mounting plate which is not corroded (many are) £4. Prestel Adaptor (Modem, viewdata only). Manual and ROM (rom is fixed in a Master cartridge which also contains Advanced Toolkit, therefore this manual is also included). £30. ROM FOR BBC AVAILABLE. Nightingale Modem, leads and Manual £25 Rom Carrier. Allows you to use 2*8K chips instead of one 16K chip in one slot. £3 Aries B32 Board. No fitting Info. Untested. £10 Master Battery Backup Replacement. If you have the battery backup consisting of 3*AA sized shrink wrapped batteries, or if your present battery pack is corroded, this is of use to you. I make up a replacement that consists of a triple battery holder, diode, resistor and plug. You can then easily and cheaply replace your battery backup. £5 including p+p. Comes with comprehensive fitting info. Electronics kits. See TBI-47 if you are interested in lightpen kits for £5. Don't forget to order TBI-47 if you need the instructions. Software on disc: DISC GAMES. Blue Ribbon Games Disc No.1. 40T. BBC Nightmare Maze. QMan. Castle Assault. Banana Man. 3D Munchy. £4 Blue Ribbon Games Disc No.2. 40T. BBC Diamond Mine. Screwball. Darts. Qmans Brother. Guy in the Hat. £4 Footballer of The Year BBC £4 Glider Pilot 2 and notebook (no instructions) (two) £2 Revs £4 Spitfire 40 £5 Steve Davis Snooker £4 Sun Crosswords Volume 3. £3 DISC (AND SOME ROM) UTILITIES ETC. Acorn User Calligraphy 40 track £3 Acorn User Sideways Ram Utilities 40 Track £3 Advanced Folio 11 discs and manual £8 AMX Extra Extra (pagemaker Utilities). 2 discs and Manual. £5 AMX Pagemaker MASTER ONLY. Three discs and manual £8 BBC Disc Formatter. Cumana. £2 (five) (one 40T) BBC Mouse User Handbook Utility Disc £2 BBC Softdrive. Software for the WS2000 Modem (two) £3 Beta-Base Clares £4 Communitel. Viewdata package (For use with a modem). 2 big manuals. £8 Version 2.0. Level 1+ terminal 80 track. One disc and 2 manuals (There were two discs originally, the second was a sample database disc, however, this is not with the package now). All in nice condition [New]Cumana Disc Formatter £2 (Fourteen) CPFS Documentation. £3 Database £3. Acornsoft Fast Access (See 8BS Catalogue for details) Volume 1 Issue 1 2 and 3. Discs and index cards in the Fast Access Ring Binder. £7 File Handling For All. Disc and Book (Spencer and Williams). £7 Gemini Stock Control. £5 Genie Desktop Utility Disc £3 Graphito Art. Just The Disc 40 Track £2 Hershey Characters £4 Hi-View £4 Island Logic Music System System disc, Library disc (Library disc is 40T). Manual. £5 (Two) [New]Kitchen Planner 3D Two Discs and Manual £6 Master 512 Technical Guide Support Disk (800K DOS) £3 Masterfile II £4 (Two) Mastering Interpreters and Compilers. Example Programs from the Book by Dabs Press £3 Micro User 10 of the Best Basic Utilities £3 Micro User 10 of the Best Graphic Utilities £3 Micro User 10 of the Best RAM and Disc Utilities £3 Mini Office II £8. BBC B and B+ (two) Office Master. Disc and Manual. Cash Book. Final Accounts. Mailist. Easyledger. Invoices and Statements. Stock Control. £5 Office Mate. Disc and Manual. Database. Spreadsheet. Graph Plot. Word Processor. £5 Picture Craft Peter Smith. Book and Software £5 [New]Printer Driver Generator. Acornsoft. Disc and Manual £6 [New]Printwise from Beebugsoft. Disc and Manual £5 Purchasing. Business Software. £5 Snatch. Save and print screens from running software. Disc and Manual. £5 Stock Control. Business Software. £5 Supergraph (Large manual) £6 Torch Z80 Perfect Calc. Large Manual, disc and reference card £8 Torch Z80 Perfect Filer. Large manual, disc and reference card £8 Torch Z80 Perfect Writer. Large manual, disc and reference card £8 View, Dabhand Guide Programs disc and leaflet £3 Visifax Viewdata system £3.50 Wordwise + + 2 Discs and Manual NO ROM £5 Z88 Link software and info £3 DISC EDUCATIONAL. Accounts II. £3 [New]Alarmco Business Simulation Game £4 [New]Biology class experiments. AVP Computing £3 [New]Careersoft Local Industry Package £4 [New]Computer Studies. AVP Computing. Viewscan Teletext Package £5 Data Analysis. Garland. £4 Drug Calculations. £1 Feedback System, Thyroid Gland. NBS. £1 Foetal Monitoring in Labour. NBS. Disc 1 and 2. £2 [New]Graph Builder. Sherston Software £3 [New]History. Vision Software Part 1 The American West £4 [New]History. Vision Software Part 2 Medicine The Early Years £4 [New]History. Vision Software Part 3 Medicine Recent Developments £4 [New]Home Economics. AVP Computing £4 Human Biology Body Processes in the Fate of Protein. Garland £4. Human Biology the Human Eye. Garland £4 Human Blood Groups. Garland £4. Jaundice. (NBS) Disc 2 and 3 £2 Korner Training Programs. Two Discs Covering Various Hospital Services. £6 Menstruation and Pregnancy. Netherhall Software. £4 [New]Plant Ecology. Which Flower. Field Study Techniques. 40 track disc. £4 [New]Payslip. Primasoft. Calculating Wage Payments. £5 Principles of Social Stratification. Sussex Software £4. Symbolic Algebra 1 Disc £1 MASTER 128 Symbolic Algebra+Support Disc (no info) 2 discs £2 BBC B [New]Tax-Ed. Inland Revenue Education Service. Explains PAYE System £5 [New]Typesetter. Sherston Software DTP. 3 Discs Manual. £6 Software on Tape: All priced at £1.50p unless otherwise noted. TAPE GAMES. Blagger Boxer Electron (Three) Bridge Master with Terence Reese. Book and 3 tapes £4 Caveman Capers Chess Electron (two) Commando Croaker. Program Power. Elite £3 Electron. V2 Escape From Moonbase Alpha. Electron. No Info Fortress (two) [New]Galactic Commander BBC B Golf Blue Ribbon. BBC and Electron Hopper BBC Hopper Electron Hunchback (Three) IJK Invaders Jump Jet Micro Olympics Missile Control Moon Cresta [New]Moon Raider BBC B Nightshade BBC B only Play it Again Sam 12 Two tapes £3 Pro Golf. BBC/Electron. Ravage Red Arrows Repton 2 Revs £3 Shadowfax Snapper Electron Spectipede Sphinx Adventure Electron (Four) Starship Command Electron. Strike Force Harrier Tarzan. The Home Entertainment Centre. CDS. Two Tapes. Backgammon. Bridge. Chess. Domino Out. Fives and Threes. Poker. Pontoon. Wordsearch. £5 Thrust Wizadore (two) [New]Zarm BBC B TAPE UTILITIES. AMX Art BBC Welcome tape (Seven) BEEBPLOT. Gemini. £2 Beebug Starter Pack £2 Electron Busicalc Spreadsheet (no manual) £3.00 Business games DMON Machine Code Monitor £3 Electron Desk Diary £2.00 (Four) Electron User Grebbit Vol 3 No 5. Graphic Adventure Creator £3.50. Graphito £4 [New]Master Welcome Tape Mini Office Electron. Office Master Database £3 [New]Printer Driver Generator. Acornsoft Quicksilva Beeb-Art. BBC B Tax Calc 2. Income Tax Calculator. £4 The Chip Stop BasicCode2 Utilities Typing Tutor + examples for Wordwise (two) Typing Tutor + examples for Wordwise + Voltmace Delta 14 Keypad Driver Vu-File. £3.50 Vu-Type Typing Tutor. Backup of tape on Disc. £4 Wordwise Example Document Wordwise Plus Typing tutor TAPE EDUCATIONAL. Beyond Basic. Machine Code Tutor. £4 [New]Chalksoft Decimals [New]Learning Maths Angles [New]Learning Maths Ratio [New]Learning Maths Directed Numbers [New]Learning Maths Fractions [New]Learning Maths Motion Geometry [New]Learning Maths Elimentary Physics [New]Learning Maths Sets [New]Making Ends Meet. Netherhall Software. Budgeting £3.50 Map Rally. £2.00 Mathematics. for GCE O level. Letts, key facts. £4 [New]Physics on Computer 2 AC Circuits. Series and parallel. £2 [New]Symmetry. No info [New]The Cheshire Cat O Level Revision Trigonometry £2 Timeman One Time Traveller an adventure in History £3 Understanding Chemistry. 3 Tapes in three packages with info: 1.Chemical equations. 2.Inorganic Analysis and Identification of Gases. 3.Symbols, Formulae, Valency. Three packages, £4 each. Aimed at the 13+ age bracket. Understanding Physics, Cathode Ray Oscilloscope, Wave Form Analysis. £4 Buggy Nothing to do with computers but my daughter has been trying to sell this for years! Red Childs Play Push Chair (about half size). £10 not including carriage. Good condition. 8BS Requires: Have you got any of these items? Remember Alan Blundell who ran BBC PD in the BBC golden years? He very kindly sent 8BS the whole DFS section of his library. Since he sent the discs I have collected many of the ADFS discs too. For completeness, I have been trying to collect the BBC PD Discs: 26 51 98 115 122 131 138 149 150 158 If you have any of these and would like to send copies to me, I would be very grateful indeed! ------------------------------------------------------------------------ REMEMBER...... All prices include UK postage and packing!