8-Bit Software Online Conversion

                                  From:D4J (Oliver Debus) Subject: For Sale via 8BS Oliver has sent me a box full of software and things. He has asked me to sell them for him and to put the credit into his 8BS account for future issues. Send requests for items and payment to 8BS. Cheques to C.J.Richardson please. In true 8BS fashion, all prices include postage. Tape Software: `1.50p each unless otherwise stated. Vegas Jackpot Physics O/A Level Gemini Easiledger Gemini InvStat Revise GCE/CSE English. 2 Tapes `3 The Computer Programme. Programs 1 The Computer Programme. Programs 2 Secondary Science. Micro Technology. Software On Disc: `3.50p each. A Question Of Sport Electric Fields. An Interactive Simulation. Books: The Good Software Guide. `3 Discover Your Electron. P.Williams. `3 BBC Soft Home Finance Instructions. `1 Z88 Soft Carry Case `5  To: 999 (all members) From: D6F (John Crane) Subject: For Sale Risc OS ******* 4MB EDO DRAM Simms for Risc PC or similar #5 (inc p+p) 8 BIT ***** ELECTRON with Acorn +1 VIEW Rom Cartridge,Cass Recorder,Blank Tapes, introductory cassette #25(inc p+p) ,(will split) BOOKS ***** ELECTRON ADVANCE USER GUIDE (FREE Cover Postage Please) +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ATARI ST Family Curriculum junior School Module #2 (inc p+p) Italia 90 #2 (inc p+p) 3 Bears (Age 5-10) #1 (inc p+p) maths Mania (Age 8-12 #1 (inc p+p) Discovery Pack Heavy #6 (P+P Price) Konix Navigator Joystick#2(inc p+p) ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ #10 for All Atari Stuff.#30 for everything.Make me an offer,I want rid ! John Crane(D6F) 34 St Andrews Walk Harrogate N.Yorks HG2 7RL (01423 885049)  To: 999 (all members) From: 0E7 (F.W.Nevin) Subject: BBC Retirement I have the following items ready to go into retirement and are tendered for your consideration. All items are in excellent condition having had one careful owner. HARDWARE BBC Master with Welcome Guide Disc and Reference Manual `40 BBC Master Cartridge with MOS+ RAM `10 BBC Master Cartridge Double Switchable with Interword and Intersheet RAMs `15 BBC Master Couble RAM Cartridge `8 (No RAMs) Microvitec Cub Metal Cased Monitor `35 Acorn Plinth for BEEB,Disc Drives and VDU `8 5.25 Disc Drive 40/80 switchable with PSU `20 SOFTWARE 5.25 Dabhand VIEW Disc by Bruce Smith `8 BOOKS BBC Micro Guide by Morse and Handcock `2 30 Hour Basic by Clive Progmore `4 BBC Basic by Mike Bibby `4 Acorn VIEW Mannual `4 Acorn VIEWSHEET Manual `4 Dabhand VIEW Guide by Bruce Smith `10 Please contact me at Tele 0191 413 8988 or write to me at 17 Moss Crescent Meadowfield Park Crawcrook NE40 4XL Postage will be extra on all items. If all the hardware is purchased as a working unit then prices are negotiable but unless collected normal Postal charges will apply.  To: 999 (all members) From: E3M (Steve Allsopp) Subject: ***For Sale*** I still have a few items for sale if anyone is interested, or you could swap them for any bits and pieces you might be trying to get rid of. Electron with tape player, tapes and power supply...............Ten pounds Three printers, all working but may need ribbon cables. One is a Juki and has about 40 spare pens........offers 40T disc drive............Five pounds Toshiba MSX 64K with leads, books, tapes and manuals(my insurance man gave it to me and I've never used it) any offer will be accepted!(+postage). I still have a Master for sale @ 25 pounds, someone phoned and asked me to keep it for them but I haven't heard from them yet(Henry or Martin are you still interested??)  To: 999 (all members) From: 3WU (Fred Price) Subject: For Sale For any member interested in making Videos on a BBC A BBC Master fitted with the video Rom and the GENLOCK board is fitted #50 +pp Concept Keyboard size A4-128 " " " A3-128 Offers accepted +pp for these boards It is unfortunate that I have no info about these three items Fred Price 8 Orchard St Pallion Sunderland City SR4 6QL 0191 567 91 35  To: 999 (all members) From: E6B (George Barrett) Subject: BBC bits for sale I need to clear some space in my workshop, so I'm offering this lot for sale. Prices similar to what other people are asking, but you are welcome to negotiate. Computers: Master, B+, B, some working and tested, some broken and fit only for spares. Disk drives: 5.25" Single/double sided, 40T, 40/80T, with/without PSU, working and tested, or dead and dying for spares. Mostly Cumana. Also handbooks and formatting disks. Monitors: Microvitec Cub colour, also various green screens. Most with handbooks. Discs: 1000+ mostly 40T, many in new condition. Plastic boxes: 50+ tens, a few fifties. Solidisk STL DDFS with 2.0 ROM and discs. Watford 32K RAM + manual (no board). EDWORD 2 ROM and manual. Wordwise+ ROM and manuals. Hyperdiver ROM, disc and manuals. Plotmate ROM. GRAFPAD2 plotting board and ROM. Concept keyboards + leads & manuals. Touch explorer, Podd, Stylus, Folio Pendown, Inform, Grass, Dart, Prompt/writer, How we used to live, Electricity, Heat and temperature, Floating and sinking, D.C. Electricity, Teddytronics, Domestic heating and other educational software BITSTIK II drafting system with controller & 2nd processor for Master. AMX Super Art + mouse AMX Pagemaker + mouse DFS 2.28 ROM, DFS 2.29 ROM. Watford DFS ROM. Stacks of 'B' & Master ICs, keyboard bits, power supplies etc. RH lightpen and others. Guides, handbooks, reference cards... Leads by the bucketful - TV, Video, RGB, printer, who knows what else? There's probably a whole lot of other stuff in there too. George Barrett, 161 Hayling Avenue, Portsmouth PO3 6DY (01705 825459) or e-mail: geb@dsdltd.co.uk                    