8-Bit Software Online Conversion

                               To: 999 (all members) From: 3WU (Fred Price) Subject: Configuration When your battery goes flat on your Master it can give you some problems. Is there a program that can be set to copy the Configuration of your machine then reset the machine back to it's working order again? If there is, can any one supply me with a copy of it let me know. I will send you a formatted disc plus postage. Fred Price 8 Orchard St Pallion Sunderlad City SR4 6QL 0191 567 91 35  To: 999 (all members) From: E4W (Crispin Boylan) Subject: Time and Magik I recently bought this game from Chris, and have not been able to get it working. I don't want to return it to him because I collect Level 9 adventure games and want to keep it. Anyway, my problem, this game requires 16k of SWR to run, this I have in the form of an Acorn User 16k SWR bank sitting in Socket 1. Anyway, the game says it will work with most forms of SWR, so I loaded it up and what did I see? "This game will not work on an unexpanded BBC computer, you need at least 16k of SWR and/or 32k of Shadow RAM" and will do nothing else. Why does it not recognise my SWR? It works for all other uses, UIM, loading and saving ROM images, Exile, but why not this? If anyone can help me or tell me why it isn't working, or has a copy of the game "The Price Of Magik" which they could send me, I would be most grateful! Cheers Cris.                    