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Dungeon Adventure To pass the goat: you need the cracked pot from the filthy dead end cell area. Fill it with slime from the bottom of the ramp and drop the slime filled pot by the goat which will slip to its death. Solution You start by looking at the driftwood and the packing case. ENTER the packing case, and pull and push this and that, to prepare things if you need to be revived. After this, you can happily begin your explorations and use the storage room inside the packing case to dump things. The first area to explore is outside: There is a move counter working against you here in the form of the setting sun, so it's essential to explore carefully and then run through the area as economically as possible. Take the driftwood and the case and travel from the mudbank to the E/W road via the stone bridge. Go E, E, N, N to the giants' clearing and climb the tree. Take the berry and drop it - you won't need it any more. Climb back down the tree and rub the belt - rubbing things enables you to wear them, when possible in one move. Go W along the road until you find the poppy seed, take it back to the stepping stones and wave it to deafen yourself to the siren's song. After that you can go N and take the mirror, which will enable you to go E along the forest road and reflect the sleep spell. Go S and take the coins, wand and dice, then go back N, W, W, S to get to the mound below the huge nest. Wave the seed here again, and you can safely collect the egg from the nest. After this you need to go W, W to the monoliths. Reply yes to Rakshasa's question and provided you have your own dice, you'll win. This complete's the revival spell. Next, go back to the south end of the island and throw any six objects to preoccupy the killer willow. Go N for the axe and hit the tree. Relent when the dryad intercedes. Now you can collect the six discarded objects and prepare to enter the cave system via the tongue bridge. When you reach the jet of flame, light the driftwood, then go N and - to take and wear it - rub the helmet. Take the crucifix and continue N to the cylindrical room. From there go W, where you'll find the bow tht allows you to move SW from the cylindrical room, corpse - examine and take - and orange collar - rub it - then W again for the cube. Return to the cylindrical room and go E to the storeroom with the haystack. Examine or search the haystack and, so longs as you are holding the cube - a magnet - you will find the needle, which you must take. Now go back to the cylindrical room and leave it by going NW to the dead end room with the octopus figurine, and take it. Return to the cylindrical room, and move NE - you can't do it without the octopus - to the 2nd dead end room. Here take the staff, and rub the yellow collar. You can now store the needle, cube, and orange collar in the packing case. Return to the cylindrical room and go SE. This will take you to the junction in the U-shaped passages where there is a blocked opening E. There are 3 round rocks here, so naturally you TURN each of them in order to learn that - having left no stone unturned - you can now proceed E. If you do so, you are confronted by a rolling boulder on a mossy carpet. So you should STOP the boulder. It gathers the moss and reveals a sword - dragons for the killing of - for you to take. At this point I think I should describe the teleport system which operates in the caverns. We have already seen two collars of different colours are to be found in the caverns. These are part of a combined security and teleportation system. To give an example, you cannot move SE from the cylindrical room unless you are wearing a collar. Collars and pedestals are closely connected. Wear a collar of a particular colour, and then SAY 'colour' and you will instantly be transported to a pedestal of that colour. Because the collars are graded in value, you can extend your range as you find ones with colours higher up the spectrum. You can always teleport to a colour lower in the spectrum than the collar you are wearing. Mithril is the highest colour of collar to be found. Now move NE from the Junction in the U-shaped passages and you will find yourself in a tall cavern with openings all around. Here lurks a carnivorous jelly. Dump the corpse in here to distract the Jelly's attention, and 9 directions are immediately placed at your service. Move SE to get the hammer from the deserted tool room and then return. After that, go W, W, W, W, to the neat panelled room. Here, go S into the cupboard and take the stick and rub the blue collar. Leaving the cupboard, go W from the neat panelled room and S past the vampire. Provided you are carrying either the cross or the crucifix, you'll have no trouble with this haemodeficient creature. Here you'll find the lower chamber and the skeletons. Wave the staff and the wand and then drop them - you'll need them later. Return E enough to confront the vampire, and this time, throw the cross at it, which will utterly destroy the bloodless thing once and for all, but after that, pick up the cross again. Make your way to the face. Once on the Face, move on to the nose and then climb the stairs to the Gatehouse. Ignore the disappearing Dwarf at this point, and instead enter the nearest gully to avoid being killed by the rolling boulder. Once you are at the Gatehouse, SAY PASSWORD is the 'open sesame' while at the main door N of the bridge, you need to BLOW the Stick before it will open and admit you. Once you are inside, locate the Throne Room and go S and down the ramp. Now you must move around until you are picked up by the Roc. In the Roc's nest you should take the Rock Crystal and the Caterpillar. Hug or squeeze the Caterpillar so that it extrudes the rope, you need to take this and fasten it so that you can climb down from the nest. Abandon the Caterpillar now as it has no further use. Below the nest you must get the Will o' the Wisp from the muddy puddle. It is a light source so you can drop the driftwood here. If you enter LOOK anywhere near the ramp, you will discover the Face Mask. Go W twice from the Powdery Peat to the Pit and there you'll find the Gem. Hitting it with the hammer will destroy its baneful influence on you and the Ghostly Orcs. Exercise monumental self-control and ignore the Silver Collar. Instead climb back up and return to the Throne Room past where the Ghostly Orcs used to be. Once you are on the Throne, press button 4. This deposits you in the Odd Little Room where you'll find THE collar (Mithril). Wear it and then get the Lepis Lazuli and Onyx Oryx, put them and the Crystal, Stick, Face, and Figurine into the Packing Case - which you should always carry. Finally, climb back up to the Throne, and press button 5, but make sure you are carrying an odd number of objects - use the Violet Collar as a make-weight if necessary. Button 8 on the Throne provides information and 9 teleports you back into the Pit. Now that you have the Mithril Collar you can go almost anywhere you like: Simply climb on to a coloured Pedestal and enter a colour, and you will be teleported to the pedestal of that colour. Since the Throne counts as a pedestal, enter ORANGE to teleport to the pedestal of that colour, and climb down. Now go NE to the lower chamber and then to the upper one. Kill the dragon with the sword, and make sure that you explore the area thoroughly. Collect the wand, staff, chair, bed and teeth as you do so. Put these into the packing case and return to the orange pillar. Enter YELLOW to teleport to the prison area. Get the sliver (rancid chip) and the pot from the cells and the jar of cold cream from the walk-in cupboard and the nails from the toolroom. Go E from the jelly cavern unitl the rat is scared off by the rancid chip, drop it and get the pendant from the rats nest. Return to the jelly cavern and go up the chimney. Then you must rub the cold cream all over yourself so that you can enter the fire elemental's alcove and take the medallion. Return to the jelly cavern, go N twice and fill the pot with slime. Now return to the yellow pedestal and enter BLUE to teleport to the Wight House. Make sure you are carrying both the cross and the crucifix here, and go S, S to the crypt. Close the coffin with the hammer and nails, then take the trident. It's now time to deal with that beligerent goat. Leave the Wight House, and drop the slime-filled pot beside the goat and you'll now be able to take the horn safely. Next you must go U the stairs to the gully above the winding stairs where the dwarf was seen to disappear. Move N from here and take the ore. Now store the pendant, medallion, trident, cross, crucifix, and horn in the packing case. You can also abandon the hammer now if you didn't leave it by the coffin. Go D from the first aquaduct to the ledge, eat the mushroom and cross the bridge, giving the Troll the ore. Go N to the ledge where you have the message "you keep bumping into things that you can't see" and eat the invisible mushrooms. Enter the troll's store and take the spices and ore before you lose your invisibility. Now go D from the 2nd ledge and eat the small mushrooms so that you are enabled to go back up and through the fissure to the N and into the srongroom. Undo the bolt, take the chest and return to the cavern floor with the small mushrooms. Drop the chest, cross the floor and eat from the large mushroom, return and eat the small mushrooms, then last of all eat from the large mushroom once again. Now pick up all the dropped items and go up and up again from the Golden Bridge. Now go to the ramp area. First go to the salt cellar and take the pig. Whatever you do, don't look in this room - remember what happened to Lot's wife. Next you should go E and climb the ramp to the first doorway, then go E, U, E. Take the topaz and move W, W to get out. Climb the ramp to the third doorway - with the ornate entrance - go in and PUSH the statue to reveal a hole: A second PUSH will close it. Take the rhinestone from this concealed room and leave. Now go back down the ramp to the bottom. N, D to the new doorway. Go in and push button 9 in the skinner box and then button 4 in the reward room. Next climb the ramp to the square doorway, go in and take the box. After that you should go back down and then S along the ladder to the ramp with the shallow water. Drop the pig and the box here, take the pearl, open the box to get the opal and leave the box. Store the chest, ore, opal, pearl, rhinestone, sapphire, topaz and spices in the packing case and climb back up the ramp to the rubbery doorway. Enter and take the emerald from the black glass room. Now you must be brave. Continue up until you here the bouncing boulder, climb up one more move, enter the doorway, and leave once the boulder has passed and carry on up to the dark doorway. Go in to trigger the black sphere and then leave and carry on all the way up to the room with the sanity-sapping images on the wall. Close your eyes here and move N where another black sphere awaits. Open your eyes after the mutual destruction and take the diamond and shield. Go S now, close your eyes again, move D and then open your eyes once more. Carry on down to the doorway with the holes, enter and examine the corpse. Take the blindfold, wear the gauntlet and leave. Next climb back up to the red gold room, enter and you will find you can now take the ring safely. Descend to the dark doorway and take the wedge from inside. Go down to the doorway with scratches, because you can now enter safely when you here the boulder. At the message "The walls at the far end clash together" throw the wedge. When the bars lift, go W and then into the treasure room for the agate. Next go down to the room with the hand sign, throw the ring, enter and collect the ruby. You must now go D to the acrid-smelling doorway, wear the blindfold and enter. Take the brooch and leave. Lastly descend to the pale room, go in and throw the brooch at the executioner; ignore the hood but take the amethyst. Either go to the black pedestal and enter GREEN, or leave through the signposted doorway carrying 9 of the gems. Make sure you have the cross and crucifix before leaving the exit chamber. Finally make sure you have either the horn or the teeth from the packing case. Go outside and, as the Orcs are encountered, either blow the horn, or plant the teeth. Remember Cadamanthus? Then amble E along the forest road to civilisation in order to win.