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Emerald Isle Solution You start off dangling from a parachute tangled in forest trees. Release the parachute, and then go back up and collect it. Move down and then E into the city, collecting the silver coin on the way. Once in the city, go N to the north bridge, take the glue pot and wear the robes. Then go E to the plaza, up the clock tower and take the manual. Enter the palace, visit the hanging gardens ('W'), and then go to the dress circle and give the seamstress the parachute to receive the bronze coin. Go to the copper room and get the copper coin; then enter the throne room so that the king tosses you the gold coin. Go to the station, and buy a season ticket with the silver coin. Note that you can usually move in the dark in this adventure without getting killed; so when you come to the tree stairs and the report comes "it's dark", just be brave and move down onto the platform. You would be well advised to SAVE here. Wait for a train, and then travel to the seaside station. Visit the signal box for the pliers and then the sand dunes for the log and leave them both at the middle of the beach. Get the anchor and leave it by the log, then throw the glue pot at the threads to remove the spider. Go W, S, W through the dark cave to the volcanic area and collect the pan and the necklace. Proceed to the stream gravel via the location "more foothills" ('A'), and pan for gold to get the nugget, then visit the copse for the axe and go back to the middle of the beach. Again, SAVE here. Take the axe and the manual and type CARVE LOG to get the canoe; take the anchor and type ATTACH ANCHOR TO CANOE (vital). Take the bronze coin, enter IN CANOE, and then go N across the sea to get the lamp from the north isle. Climb the palm tree for the coconut, and visit the shady cove, via 'Dire Straights' for the ladder. Go up to the cliff grass and attack the telescope to get the magnifying lens. Find the deadlands and examine the scarecrow, then wear the overalls. Go to the garden path via the plain plain and thus into the town, taking the matches from the mall, and the boathook from the crossroads. At the cobble square only enter the chemist's at this stage; buy the granules with the bronze coin and return to the beach, picking up the phrase_book as you go. Then SAVE as usual. Go back through the cave to the stream and fill the lamp with (fresh) water. You may be able to fill the lamp with sea water but knowing Pete Austin I wasn't taking any chances. Put the carbide granules in the lamp and you can then LIGHT LAMP as an alternative to using the short lived matches. To turn the lamp off, enter EXTINGUISH LAMP, and expect a grudging response when you insist. This may mean it's an everlasting lamp, I never bothered to find out. Finally note that you can retrace your steps in dark areas without using the lamp and survive. You really have to blunder around a long time in the dark before you are killed. Light the lamp when returning through the cave this time and collect the map that you will now be able to see there. Next, visit the mine with the lamp and fence post. Take the shovel first, and dig to find the platinum pyramid, then push the ceiling with the fence post in the dusty tunnel. Now get the rope and pick from the mine debris. Dig here for the opal and go back to the middle of the beach once again. Don't forget to collect the post on the way as you will need this later. Dig with the shovel in the middle of the beach. The spikes you find need to be taken and worn. Leave the post and the treasures here. Climb back into the canoe, this time heading N, N, W into crystal waters and up the blowhole (using the lamp) and visit the car park to find the wallet. Don't go straight back to the beach, but visit the north isle and dig below the palm tree for the doubloons and the figurine. Take the wallet back to the police station near the seaside railway station and enter DROP WALLET to get the reward money. After that, drop everything at the middle of the beach once more and save. Take the reward money and go overseas to the cobble square with the shops. Buy the hammer and the screwdriver in the ironmongers (10 notes and 5 notes respectively), food from the grocers (5 notes), then the picture from the antiques shop (76 notes) last of all; do it any other way, and you'll not have enough money to go round. Back again to the beach. Visit the hut and RELEASE PLANK with the claw hammer and return to the middle of the beach. Equip yourself with the short rope, lamp, ladder, and plank and go through the cave to the stream gravel. Drop the plank at sedge tussocks and cross to horrid heights. Find and examine the boulder to get the key and ge the paper from the hollow. Visit the river valley, extend and drop the ladder across the stream. Cross the ladder to the hill slopes to find the treasure chest, then tie the short rope to the pinnacles and down you go for the coronet. Back again to the beach. Drop everything and save. Take the small key, the gold coin, boathook, food, season ticket and robes, and go back to the tree city. Visit the plaza, climb the tower and wind the clock. Leave the small key here, you won't need it again. When you get down to the plaza again, you will be rewarded with the ornate key. Go back to the railway station and use the ornate key to open the gate, go W through the gate and leave the key here for future use. Cross the bridge and catch the train for the forest village, taking and wearing the armband as you go. Give the food to the beggar in return for the identity card. Visit the hospital and give the nurse the gold coin in return for being innoculated. Use the boathook to pull the hanging vines so that you can swing safely across the river full of crocodiles. Get the bowl from the whispering grass and go back to the beach once more. Don't forget to drop the key again once you have been through the gate. Whatever you do, don't lose track of this key, it is needed in the endgame. Drop everything, and save again. Take the bowl and INVERT BOWL, take the lamp and get in canoe and go N from the beach. It's time for some diving practice, so go down, but NOT before you have entered the following instructions: TAKE ANCHOR, DROP ANCHOR. Anything else and the canoe will drift away and be lost. The inverted bowl will keep the lamp alight under water, enabling you to see the sapphire and the sword from the sunken wreck. Do not stay below water for more than two moves. Deposit these treasures on the beach and then make sure you are wearing the armband. Take the book, the post, and the identity card to sparse shrubs (through the cave, near the scree), go past the logger to gravestones and read the plaque on the monument. Insert the post into the hole, enter the carved chamber, and move the carvings. Get the long rope from the bare chamber, then insert the identity card into the slot so that you can enter the control centre. Pull the lever to free the traffic jam, go back to the beach, drop everything and save as usual. Make sure you are wearing the overalls and spikes. Take the lamp, the pliers and the screwdriver, then get in the canoe and go to the blowhole once more. Visit the city and locate the elevator. Examine the controls, examine the plate, release the plate, look,mend the wires, and push the button to operate the elevator. Visit the office as instructed by the voice in the control centre, get the gems and go back down to ground level. Find your way to the airport, board the plane and find the brooch. Return to the beach and save once more. Life gets complicated here: It's a final tidying up session. First make sure you have digging equipment, the lamp, and the spikes and the long rope. Get in the canoe, cross the sea to the shady cove, and go up to the desert area. Find the scree and the mountainside. Go up and in to the riven rocks, then down the shaft to the lava chamber and dig for diamonds. Take them back to the beach. Collect the long rope, the ticket, the book and the boathook, wear the robe, and go to the station. Take the trains to the village, cross the jungle river and go to the temple. Stand on the block and THROW ROPE over the statue's arm. PULL ROPE to move the slab and go into the granite grotto. Read everything you see. Throw the robe to trigger the spear, then drop everything except the lamp while you go back for the block. Take the block to the ornate entrance and drop it before attempting to enter the tiny tunnel. Go and collect everything you dropped, including the long rope. Enter the low crawl and push the ceiling with the boathook so that you can go down into the greasy grotto for the idol. Back you go to the beach for almost the last time. Leave the treasures here, but make sure you keep the lamp, the long rope and take the digging equipment. Into the cave for the last time and go to the river valley, crossing the ladder to the hill slopes. Go to the pinnacles, remove the short rope and attach the long rope. Down to the smallest cave, make your way to the grotty grotto and dig your way (at the pit) down to the cosy cave, get the ruby and move W directly to the middle of the beach! Drop everthing and save as usual. At this stage, you should have 19 out of the 20 treasures. These are: Map, sapphire, sword, coronet, necklace, robe, gold nugget, coconut, painting, chest, gems, idol, opal, platinum pyramid, brooch, doubloons, figurine, diamonds, and finally the ruby. These should all have been deposited at the middle of the beach. Wear the robe now rather than the overalls, and don't undress till I tell you! Gather up as many treasures as you can carry, less one (you need the season ticket), and travel to the palace and deposit them upstairs in the Treasure Chamber. Go back for the rest and then pick up the ornate key on your way back to the palace. Drop all the treasures except the idol, the key, and the robe. Go to the city square and open the gate with the key. Visit the pond ('H'), and visit the museum (up the steps). Drop the idol to get the silver, then take the idol again, and return to the Treasure Chamber. This time you can drop everything, including the robe. Pull the bell rope, and the posh butler will arrive, and he calls a guard. As you have explored the adventure, you will have seen six different capital letters ('W','A','L','T','E','H'). These together will form the password needed to satisfy the guard and so get you past the barrier into the beautiful room and out of the game with the plaudits of Level 9 ringing in your ears. T H E E N D P.S. The password is 'WEALTH'