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Doctor Who and the Mines of Terror 1. The electric spanner is used to remove the hatches. 2. The passcard can be found in the Security Blocks. 3. The memory capsule can also be found there. 4. The cloth, when dropped beneath a controller, stops it in its tracks. 5. The oxygen mask must be worn to go on the surface, where a generator can be found to give express facilities to the lift. 6. Take the circuit boards O and P from the lift shaft to the construction area - here take the boards S and T to produce the word STOP. 7. To get to the TIRU you must have the passcard and the cloth. At the TIRU there is a crystal lattice. 8. To finish the game you have to take the lattice and the memory capsule to the unmapped area above the planet's surface. There you will find the Tardis and the Master. Sphinx Adventure Rabbits eat carrots. The pirate puts your treasures in his chest, and as long as you have the keys, you can retrieve them. The boat can be found at the foot of Castle Hill (Vampire's Castle). Simply follow the directions from the Bear's Cave to get there. You need a mouse to frighten the elephant. The mouse can be found scurrying around the dungeon of the Vampire's Castle (Down from the Ballroom). To get the jack safely, you MUST have the Mithril ring and then rub it. To open the safe, SAY DIAXOS. In the Wizard's Antechamber and in the Sorceror's Lair, you will find that there is a wand to be taken. To cross the desert: N, E, N, S, E, W, E, S, N, S, E, W, E, S, N, S, E, W, E, S, N. From the treasury, go W, U, S to find the stake and that will mean the vampire has had his chips. To discover the Mithril Ring, you need to wave the wand in the fairy grotto. The matches are sure to give the serpent heartburn! The Goblin's Dairy is West of the Gnome's Kitchen, not too far from the Catacombs. Acheton The Gin is in an earthenware pot inscribed London Dry. There are three holes in the Ningy Room, but one of them is a one way entrance from somewhere else. Wheel of Fortune Switch off the lamp whenever coming out of the caves. If you are jailed, quit. The Troll's Cave is the place to store treasures - so get the pipe from he vending machine, the basket from the canal south bank, DROP the basket, PLAY pipe and then you have a Troll Scarer. The music box is a bird scarer. To get the bucket off the obelisk use the brass key to unlock the hut, take the ladder and up you go. Castle of Riddles Arrive at the Shooting Gallery with the ticking case and ticking box. Go N into the Gallery then NW,NE (ignore brooch) SE,NE,NW,SW. Now drop the case (bomb) and the box and go NW,NE,NE into the Riddle Room. Wait until the bomb explodes. The giants will have gone and the treasures can be collected. To navigate the jet black corridor maze, wave the black rod (found by throwing the coin into the wishing well) and different coloured smoke will emerge from its tip. Thus you can find your way around and when you reach the exit you need to type in the word that comes to mind from your experiences with the rod. The password to get out of the maze is RAINBOW or SPECTRUM. Lord of the Rings Tom can help you at the willow. Go NE to Tom's House, enter SAY TO TOM "HELP" and lead him back to the Willow then go back to Tom's House. Frodo can pass the Barrow Wight by wearing the ring, but also try throwing the pot plant as well (there's an elfstone inside). To kill the Green Knight: get the candle stub from the Mathom House in Michel Delving and take it to the monastery. Wear the ring, go W and enter KILL KNIGHT WITH STUB, repeating this until he's dead. Confront the Green Knight alone; attack him at least 3 times; take the medallion and visit the monk; collect the rest of the party and go to the Red Tower; keep saying "No" to the lady; take both medallions back to the monastery, which you will now be able to enter. To enter Bree: knock at the gate, and then give the name 'Underhill' when asked who you are. Pyramid of Doom ENTER POOL, GET KEY (large), E, GET POLE, GET WATER, N, E, DIG, GET KEY (tiny), S, DIG, ENTER HOLE, OPEN DOOR, UP, GET STONE, OPEN DOOR, ENTER DOOR, LIGHT FLASHLIGHT... Pirate adventure The key is under the mat in the flat. Go to the thin crack, get the hammer, return to the flat and remove the nails from the rug which can now be lifted. To pass crocs, drop the bottle of rum in the pirates shack, go back to the secret passage and get the empty bottle, go to the beach, wear the water wings and go to the lagoon to get some fish for the crocodiles. The parrot will chase off the snake. Strange Odyssey SET PHASER, TO DESTROY, SHOOT BOULDER. Countdown to Doom In the metal corridor in the dome are niches marked with symbols. Note the order (different each time) as you need this informaton later. At the Pentagon Niche, PUSH PENTAGON,L,R,L,F,F,L,D while collecting the four discs on the way. It is fatal to go too far down the volcano - the correct route is up from the steep rocky hole. SAY FLEZZ will disable the robot in the dome. The marks on the town wall give a 5x5 matrix; write in it the letters found on the SE of the dome to learn how to disable the robot. Push the fourth shape you find in the alcoves of the metal corridor to get to the underground area. Feed the computer with the shapes in the same order as they were seen, to get the rod which lets you safely out of the dome. Don't linger. Move lever, then pull gently to start the floating platform. After that its U, SW, SE, W, N, SW and it will stop in the hold. From the Computer Room go down to the Square Room with the marked exits. There you go through them in the same order as you fed discs into the computer and you'll finish up in a Round Chamber. To stop the floating platform, move from the engine room to the control room and back until the platform stops. To catch the blob, use the net. A grateful mum will offer time travel, and that will enable you to go collecting crystals - provided you have the navigator box, spacesuit and spices. The Incredible Hulk To start, BITE LIP, GET FAN, GET GEM, E, PUSH BUTTON, BITE LIP, GO TUNNEL. This takes you past the high gravity area into a field. There are 3 places where gas is released (2 in the dome). With a single gem only, one outlet has to be plugged with beeswax; ask Dr Strange's astral projection for help by banging your head until he relents. In the other 2 cases, REMEMBER NIGHTMARE will provide the energy. Need beeswax? Wave the fan outside the dome with the mesh. Gremlins To disable the snowplough, you need the welding torch, gas bottle with valve and pipe, plus the electronic spark igniter. Then OPEN VALVE, IGNITE TORCH, WELD PLOUGH, CLOSE VALVE (gas needed later). PUSH BUTTON to use flash on the camera and scare the Greamlins. Kingdom of Hamil Snark tunnel: Christopher Columbus went W; Peary went N; Scott went S; Marco Polo went E. Combine the characters shown with the directions and you know where to go: Thus, if the mural shows Peary and Columbus, then the direction to go from the entrance to the snark tunnel is NW. Documents: Visit the crypt, go W, open the tomb, lure the vampire to the tapestry room, lift the curtain to kill the vampire and then revisit the tomb where the documents are. You MUST keep on returning to pick up the Talisman or the wicked spirits will get you. Move W,E,SE,SW,W,SE,E, before picking up the painting and returning NE,SE,NW,NW,NE,N,W. Circus Adventure The lamp: Open the car boot and there it is. The clown: He wants you to dress for the occasion. The maintainance wagon: You need the metal bar which can be found by walking across the tightrope. The tiger: can be moved by cracking the whip. The whip is in the cupboard to the east of the entrance. Have the snorkel and the can, go to the generator and type Syphon Petrol. To stay on the tightrope, you must wear the slippers. Examine the pile of rope to find that it's a safety net. The clown will help you erect it by the cage. The clown will follow you if you wear the costume. Adventure Rat: Turn off the lamp and enter HOOT. An owl will then kill the rat. If you kill the frog, you'll find the princess in the magician's bedroom. If you lose her again, she'll be found in the bedroom to the W of the diamond. You must leave the Ming Vase in the left luggage office - if you drop it you are left with a smashed vase. The ring is in the dungeon. To get thrown there you must steal a treasure, but make sure you've got the keys to get out. If you attempt to kill the princess, you'll be thrown in the dungeon and your keys confiscated as well! After 99 moves, 2 things start happening: Firstly, various messages are generated at random. They can al be ignored except the one saying a spider is present. If you don't kill it with the axe when the message appears, you'll die if you stay there or return later. Secondly, if you enter the spider's lair you'll be killed without getting a chance to kill it. You must therefore dispose of it within 100 moves - you need to do this anyway to find the ruby. The scarf, cage, oil, slipper, dragon are red herrings. The Worm in Paradise The visor is in the dream dome at the start of the adventure. Take, wear and later drop it to experience the dreams. Avoid the one-armed bandit. When the monster is roused, go E,S,W and move so that when it jumps, it gets stuck in the ravine. Go W onto its back and take the scale. Put the bench under the tree and stand on it to reach the apple; sit on the chair in the habihomes, sleep on the bed and use it as a slide down into the passages beneath the city by giving the command BED as you lie on it. Buy the dog as soon as you have enough credit. Ignore the pizza. Old Father Time Get the lamp from the catacombs, the mirror from the mine shaft and go to the bar of light. SAY EQUILIBRIUM here. In the cylindrical room enter OMAGA to move elsewhere. The lamp needs to be turned off then to stop it being stolen, wave the rod and relight the lamp once you are visible again. Go to the magical peel room, rub the lamp, pay genie and go to the room with the dwarf. Smash mirror, jump down the shaft, go S to find a sword then N,NE, to Medusa, slay Medusa and slay snakes. Go S from the marble room to the waiting room and wait several turns until a secret passage is opened. Go through, open the chest with the key and get the hourglass. In the room with no exits, enter OMEGA. To become worthy to go N you must leave all objects except the staff in the chest. In the marble room, turn off the lamp and LOOK: This provides a clue for use in the Waiting Room. Spiderman To get the gem from Sandman: climb the ceiling and enter his room; examine the crib to find the baby formula and the gem. In the lift, examine the niches as you go up. To get Lizardman's gem: get the calcium and chloride, go to the lab and mix them, then go back and throw the mixture at him. If you then examine him, you find a gem. To get the Ringmaster's gem: Close eyes, enter room, push knob, turn knob, open eyes. Ignore the mirror. Kayleth To start: Break bands, get off, U, pull lever, D, examine machinery, take tape, N, take fuse, E, E, examine filing cabinet, take micro canister, open tape, put tape on micro canister. Once the canister has dissolved, take cartridges, W into service corridor, insert a cartridge, examine aperture and go out. Once outside the ship, examine the door for the first azap code. You need the cutters in the mine shaft to get the ore to put in the machine. The compost is needed to plant the bulbs in. The tunnel door needs blasting open. The AZAP codes are: ROO DHT ELY AKN EPO - read backwards they provide the password for opening the iris door. Ask Yagmok for his key badge. INSERT FUSE with the skimmer. Colossal Adventure The dragon is East of the Secret EW Canyon 15 feet above a Tight NS Canyon. Give the troll the golden egg since it will come back when called. The Pirate's Maze is just down the coloured column. Open the clam with the trident. Drop the dynamite by the dwarves, go SW, SAY BLAST, go back and into the E/W corridor. After that you must keep on the move until water and fire interact and you have firmly shut the door! Give the eggs to the troll. They can be recovered later by saying FEE FIE FO FOO. Gideon's Gamble Take a bucket to the farmyard, get water from the well and give it to the crew when needed. Do the same with the rum (if you have the jug and can afford it). Wizard's Challenge Go to the music room and sing. The finger needs a nurse to bandage it. The medical room is in the classroom area. Go to the end of the corridor, so that a teacher takes you to the Head's office where you can take the keys. From there go W, W, N and N where a nurse will do the necessary. Don't forget to take any spare bandages lying around. ON is the simple light command. Look at the figure, and try to work out the total using buttons 1 to 8 in three combinations. Once you have collected everything of value from the classroom area and you have got rid of the bully, go to the Music Room and SING. Get rid of the bully by bribing him with a sweet. Classic Adventure The plover emerald can be got if you go N from the oriental room, drop all, and enter the plover room. You can then carry the emerald out. The (dynamite) rod should be found at the finish of the adventure in the vast hall. Take it, NE, drop rod, SW, BLAST, and there you are. Adventure Quest To pass giant: you need sling and silver ball (David and Goliath??) To deal with the Djiin you need to open the windbag in his prescence. Blue Dragon PLAY FLUTE, and when you stop, the wizard will be so grateful he frees the bird from the spell. Firienwood Use the spell NEIRIF to escape the blizzard. Denis Through the Drinking Glass To escape from the French model's flat, type RUN. Drop ticket (bought from the policeman outside no.10), take wire and run. Don't forget to run every 10th move. Fantastic Four The torch must ignite the gas jets in the tunnel under the castle - the statue will then knock Xandu out so that he can rescue Alicia. Haunted Abbey Give the troll the boulder that is found in the grounds of the Haunted Abbey, and you will get the spectacles. Castle Dracula LIGHT MATCH is the correct method for 'let there be light'. Rebel Planet To enter the university, you need the tuning fork from the hotel basement. Tap one with the other for a grand entrance. The guard needs the brew from the hotel basement. Give the tickets - found in the airlock location of Caydia - to the Arcadians. They will then leave, dropping the wrench as they go. Use the input: TALK TO ARCADIANS, TAKE TICKETS FROM KUBE, GIVE TICKETS ARCADIANS, TAKE WRENCH, DROP WRENCH INTO KUBE. To ride the tube of Halmuris, input: INSERT CARD INTO COMPUTIK, TAKE CARD, DROP CARD INTO KUBE, TAKE (travel) PASS, WAIT (until Tube arrives), ENTER TUBE, DROP PASS INTO KUBE (the collector will confiscate it if you carry it openly), READ ADVERT - which tells you about the Zoddi Special. Then WAIT (until back at Zoddi), LEAVE TUBE, S, ASK FOR ZODDI SPECIAL, TAKE KEY, U, S, UNLOCK DOOR. You should now safely be in room 110. Rick Hanson To stop the tape killing you, think of it as a grenade (throw it) To lose the guy in the shades and coat, jump off the bridge and on to the train. Use the spanner on the guard. Think of the one-armed bandit as a source of cash. To crack the codes, ponder your room number, the alphabet backwards, and the twelve Apostles. Project Thesius First get some clothes, and then try drying the towel rather than yourself. Also, dig where you might find a treasure chest, and then do a spot of examining. The correct number for the chest is 640 (see the telephone directory) Gisburne's Castle Collect the lamp, rope and wooden key, and take them to either trapdoor. Use the rope and key - simple. USE small key to enter Chapel (the key is in the cellar). Mystery Funhouse The OUT OF ORDER sign by the fortune telling machine is the answer to being killed at the shooting gallery. Leave it in the gallery before entering from the manhole. Golden Baton of the Sun Throw the knife before collecting the baton. Perseus and Andromeda DON helmet, retrieve your discus and then go as far E as possible. Go on to the dais and pray to get the shield and then go to the temple and pray for the sandals - which you should also don. Now go on to the pedestal and wait there, after which you can FLY NORTH and then down. Go down again and you are on an island. Fix halter, mount Pegasus, ride Pegasus. Ten Little Indians The silver figurine is in the utensil store beyond various rooms from the green bathroom. However, you MUST open the passage to the back stairs first - the suit of armour is a help here. The black figurine is hidden in the river mud; make sure you don't carry too much or linger too long here. It isn't actually necessary to open the gates: From the country road you ENTER GATEHOUSE, go UP to the tower and then, provided you have the rope you can get down to the gravel drive. Oxbridge In the Punter's Arms, SAY COURAGE - as the message on the wall indicates - the troll will then produce the EXEAT hint and the tankard. TAKE TANKARD, DRINK TANKARD and then this coin will drop to the ground and can be taken. As the landlord doesn't like his mugs being nicked, DROP TANKARD and you can then safely leave the pub with the coin. The lift in Harrids: Take the hat and scarf to the west end of the building on the same floor. Now press the button to summon the lift, open the doors, enter the lift and drop both objects. Leave the lift at this point, close the doors, go to the ground floor via the staircase and summon the lift by pressing the button. The hat and scarf can now be retrieved safely. In the fishmongers, OPEN OYSTER, and there's a pearl to be found. Ghost Town The key to shoeing the horse is in the jail, the key to the jail is in the stable, the solution is magnetic. When the horse is shod, mount and say the right word. I'd say Giddyap. Egyptian Adventure Ahmed is bribable. The curator will need to see the colour of your money - and other things. The raven needs to be shown something by way of a sign. Time Machine To get off the moors, move N, W, S.