8-Bit Software Online Conversion

         From: 275 D.R.Steadman On the BBC Master 128 I use a Commodore 1702 colour monitor and as this is a composite video monitor I had to fit a link onto the computers circuit board to obtain the correct output. The link is numbered 11 but as it is not fitted as standard you will have to make your own. Simply take a small length of wire and solder it into the holes which are already drilled.  RE: ADFS disc sector    editor      From: 2J3 D.R.Steadman This is a program which I have been awaiting for quite some time. I will find it very useful. However, I found that the program was slightly cumbersome, and on occasions confusing. After making slight alterations to the program's display and adding 2 further functions I found that the program was perfect for what I want. The problem with the display is that some messages are not removed from the screen. A VDU 12 added before the VDU 26 in lines 380, 390 and 570 cures that (ie. VDU 12,26). I also added sector forward and backward options to the function keys 6 and 7, thus allowing a quick search through the sectors with a single keypress.   LINES WHICH MUST BE ADDED FOR   SECTOR FORWARD AND BACKWARD.     155 *KEY 6 ! R   156 *KEY 7 ! S   335 IF G=&92 s=s-1:PROCa(8)   336 IF G=&93 s=s+1:PROCa(8)    RE: Beeb Modification         From: K24 E. Clark One modification I have carried out on my BEEB was to replace ALL 28 and 40 pin IC sockets and some 20 and 16/14 pin dil sockets with the turned pin variety - this has eliminated ALL intermittent problems. I know that this can give people a lot of trouble and I would be prepared to submit an explanatory article should demand be sufficient.  RE: Sim City Hint         From: 6JE M. Smith For those who find themselves running short of money before their cities have started producing enough money to be profit making the solution is simple. Use all your money filling every available space with housing, then put the taxes up to 20%. Leave the game for a while until more money has been gener ated by the taxes then use the money to build yet more housing. Continue this method until all the landscape is filled with housing. All that is left to do is to let the game run and run whilst you get a larger bank balance. Earthquakes and disasters have no real effect. When you have made enough money all you have to do is demolish the housing leaving you with a bog pile of money and no rough ground that needs bulldozing. You can then bring the tax rate down and have little money worries for some time to come. - Sounds great eh? - You'd probably get a medal for sending this idea to your local government. - Duncan