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 Problems      and help        wanted.   275: D.R.Steadman  Can anybody tell me if it is possible to run three disc drives on the BBC computers? I would like to run 3.5" drive for ADFS as drive 0, and two 5.25" drives for DFS, both double sided drives as drives 0, 1, 2 and 3. The 3.5" and one 5.25" are one unit and I would like for all the drives to be connected to the computer at once.  K24: E.M.Clark  I have acquired a second hand Watford Video Digitiser, and I would be pleased in anyone can tell me if/how the pictures can be incorporated into pagemaker. I also find the digitised pictures have no happy compromise between black and white. Perhaps someone can offer help?  7GE: Matthew Price  Does anyone know of any Play by Mail (PBM) games available (apart from Urban War), please reply to 8BS or direct to:  Matthew Price 10 The Larches Park Street Johnstown Wrexham Clywd LL14 2AB   994: Christopher Ince  Does anyone have a piece of software that will compact graphics screens, or does anyone know how to use LDPIC to compact pictures?  7GE: Matthew Price  Does anyone have a screen dump for an EPSON LX400 printer? Does anyone have REPLAY ROM that they would like to sell Anyone got FOOTBALL DIRECTOR 2 to sell?  2J3: Chris Richardson  Can anyone lay their hands on a copy of the December 1986 Micro User? If so could they kindly photostat the article on building your own sample and send it to Duncan marked for the attention of Chris Richardson. Has anyone actually built their own sampler?  YJ2: Andrew Snodgrass  Can anyone tell me how to use the explosives detonator in the game Pipeline? I keep on getting trapped whilst trying to get the detonator. Is there a cheat? Does anyone know where to get stiff backed disc envelopes?  275: D.R. Steadman j  Very interesting program. I used the program on the BBC Master 128 and found it to show programs in Rom banks 0 1 2 3 (see disk) as these are cartridge sockets and no cartridge was in these sockets at the time, could you please tell what they are?. The output from the program is on both sides of the disk, you will see the output is different for these Rom banks each time the program was run. Disc catalogue shows the following ... (12) FM Drive 0 Option 0 (off) Dir. :0.$ Lib. :0.$ F.AlevN R.AcornAD R.BASIC R.DFS R.Edit R.lr R.MASTERb R.rvb R.TERMINA R.VIEW R.ViewShe R.vVxbO.i Following is listed after executing a *ROMS command ... ROM F TERMINAL 01 ROM E VIEW 04 ROM D Acorn ADFS 50 ROM C BASIC 04 ROM B Edit 01 ROM A ViewSheet 02 ROM 9 DFS 79 ROM 8 MASTERboard 01 ROM 7 ? ROM 6 ? ROM 5 ? ROM 4 ? ROM 3 ? ROM 2 ? ROM 1 ? ROM 0 ?