8-Bit Software Online Conversion

            From 2GJ: Roger Pashby   To 4E2: Andy Nibbs   Thanks for the mention about the Spell Check program - I have solved the problem of Can't extend, but I have a problem still with the size of the dictionary. The problem is with letters like 'm' because the dictionary only allows a small number of these to be entered because of the low frequency of appearance of such letters. I need to INCREASE this figure and have tried by altering the necessary program lines but end up with error reports later on when I try to use the program. I would also like to know why it will not correct Wordwise Plus files. I am sure that a simple alteration needs to be made, but I can't figure it out at all. HELP!!!   From 54H: P.J.Driscoll   To 176: E.Shuker   With reference to user 176 ERROR messages I have a ROM that will work correctly on an ELECTRON (unsure about BBC B) called PLUSCOM PLUS TOOLKIT, and instructions by PROJECT EXPANSIONS. It also includes *ERREXT. When this error extension is activated it gives the normal error report plus displaying the problem area within the line. Other utilties on this ROM are as follows: *SYSTEM displays current system status *PLUS disables appropriate interface plus 1,3,4 etc *DOUBLE converts a string of up to 255 characters in length into double height in MODE 6. *HEXIMON a realtime mcode monitor *ROML lists ROMs 0 to 15 *UNPLUG disables a specific ROM *INSERT replaces ROM after *UNPLUG *LKEY lists function key definitions *ADS disassembles machine code etc *BIN takes a 16 bit number from A% and displays it in binary *FLUSH flushes all variables *DTL lists BASIC from tape/disc *FILL graphics fill routine *UNLOCK loads locked tape files *CHADEF starts onscreen character designer *KLOAD loads a set of function keys *KSAVE saves a set of function keys *RCOPY copies from ROM to sideways RAM *RCLEAR clears a sideways RAM bank *LVAR lists variable names *PAGE moves BASIC to new PAGE value ...and about 11 more functions mainly for sideways RAM use. As I no longer use my Electron, I am happy to give this ROM to user 176 for postage and packing costs only.   Would Mr Shuker please contact   Duncan so Mr Driscoll's details   can be passed on.     From 7GE: Matthew Price   To K1P: Rob Bathgate   Football game sounds interesting. Is it a score keeping program? If so, maybe it could be the bias of a Play by Mail game? Just a thought that occurred to me.