8-Bit Software Online Conversion

 REPORT         REPORT        REPORT         REPORT  REPORT OK Melon Brains, I have another fix of Repton Screens for you to all inject into your computers this month. Please bear in mind that these screens have been entered into the competition along with ALL the past screens that have appeared in 8BS over the past 12 months.Are these the best screens? - should they win the prize? - You will soon be asked to vote so please have your decisions ready by November. Jock Smylie, who is another overseas member (Australia) informs me most reliably that ALL screens can be completed. The trouble is that it was such a long time ago when he designed them that now he comes to play them he only finds out that he can no longer complete his own screens! Jock's REPTON screens are compatible with REPTON 3 and Around the World in 40 Screens - I cannot be sure about REPTON INFINITY. The file to load is "R.L1L" (side 0)   Subject: REPMENU   Author: 2GJ Roger Pashby   I have encountered difficulties with this on REPTON 3, something to do with it looking for the file MENU. It loads up, but then crashes. To cure this, I altered the necessary line to search for REPMENU and got it to load up REPTON 4 AROUND THE WORLD which I have - and that runs fine. Very useful! Should that be REPTON 3? - ED